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She want to shop with Jay, play box with Jay 

She want to pillow fight in the middle of the night

She want to drive my Benz with five of her friends

She want to creep past the block spyin’ again

She want to roll with Jay, chase the skeeos away

She want to fight with lame chicks, blow my day

She want to inspect the rest, kick me to the curb

If she find a strand of hair longer than hers

She want love in the jacuzzi, rub up in the movies

Access to the old crib, keys to the new crib

She want to answer the phone, tattoo her arm

That’s when I gotta send her back to her moms

She call me “Heartbreaker”

When we apart, it makes her

Want to get a piece of paper, scribble down “I hate ya”

But she know she love Jay because

She love everything Jay say, Jay does

And uh

– Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z


Every now and then I get this pang in my heart. Mostly, while I am making the 45-minute trek to and from work every day. It hits like a brick wall… I miss my best friends. Read More

Oh, I Think They Like Me
Posted 24 July 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Miss Clariss Musings

Oh I think they like me when they heard me on the other one

So it’s only right that I hit you with another one

– Franchise Boys feat. Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, and Bow Wow


Hello Lovers!

So, I have fabulous news for you all: It is Mullet Week on! I know what you must be thinking, “Mullets? Mullets are never fabulous.” And you are oh-so-right… except for this sort of mullet. Read More

Posted 18 July 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Miss Clariss Musings

I hate the world today

 – Meredith Brooks


I am sick this week. And as you could probably guess, I am not a sweet sick person. It is hard for me to be cute and kitschy when I cannot breathe. Seriously, who gets a cold in July?

This brings me to the very point of today’s entry: Things That Just Piss You Off. Read More

Both Of Us
Posted 10 July 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Miss Clariss Musings

Cuz if life is an uphill battle,

We all try to climb on the same old ladder

In the same boat with the same old paddle

Why so shallow, I’m just asking

What’s the pattern to the madness?

Everybody isn’t a #1 draft pick

Most of us ain’t Hollywood actors

But if it’s all for one, and one for all

Then maybe one day we all can ball

Do it one time for the underdogs

Sincerely yours, from one of y’all

– B.o.B feat. Taylor Swift


Sometimes you work too hard. Sometimes meeting your “for-now” goals gets your “forever” goals off track. Sometimes it is easier pouring your heart into something you don’t mind rather than into something you love.

I like what I do, but I love this. Read More


Let’s go to the beach, each

Let’s go get away

They say, what they gonna say?

Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light

Bad bitches like me, is hard to come by

– Nicki Minaj 


Say, you know how sometimes you think, “Man, we would should so have our own reality show. We would rock that shit!”

Oh. Not everyone thinks that? My b. Anyhow, the fam and I just got back from Baker Beach Trip 20-12! And let me tell ya, it did not disappoint… Read More

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