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Closing Time
Posted 31 December 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Miss Clariss Musings

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

– Semisonic


Hello There,

I hope your conclusion to 2013 is better than that of 2012. Do you remember how lame the end of the world ended up being? Do you remember how stressed out you were throughout the holiday season? Do you remember getting bronchitis? Yeah, well, they say people have a tendency to block out their more unfavorable memories. Read More

Dance A$$

Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was…

– Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj


Although Christmas has been over for five days now, I’m just now slowing down enough to write to you, sweet Ballas. And I am happy to report that it turned out to be another fabulous Christmas spent with friends, family, and my little dog.

My holiday always starts early because we have family to visit in two different states. So Momma, Dad, Bubba, Mace, Mr. Big, and I spent the weekend in Charleston, kicking off Christmas with The Other Bakers (Uncle Mike, Auntie Tara, and company), The Mercers (Uncle Jeff, Auntie Crystal, and company), Nana, Papa, and Mimmie. We ate a lot, and laughed a bunch, and talked all weekend.

While at home, we were also introduced to two new family members – Snooki, Uncle Mike and Auntie Tara’s baby English bulldog and – Tinkerbell, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Crystal’s new Great Dane. Oh they were so cute! Snooks is a sweet little snugglebug and Tink is nothing but knees and elbows. Big and I left Charleston with puppy fever… Read More

Witchy Woman
Posted 20 December 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Materialistic Girl/ Miss Clariss Musings

Raven hair and ruby lips

Sparks fly from her finger tips

Echoed voices in the night

She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

Woohoo, witchy woman

See how high she flies

Woohoo, witchy woman

She got the moon in her eyes

– The Eagles


I have tried sitting down and writing to you many times this week.

At first, I thought about writing a year-in-review piece to the tune of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Tay’s Momma writes one every year. She spotlights important family events that have occurred throughout the year, prints it on cute Christmas-themed paper, and passes it out to all of her friends during her annual Christmas luncheon. However, as you probably could have gathered from my last post, I’ve not been in a real Christmas carol-y mood this season.

Then I thought, “Well what about the ABC Christmas party? Everyone got so creative with their costumes and we had such a great time…” But, “naaahhh,” I thought, “the last thing they want to read about is another one of our keg parties.”

And just like that – I’ve got writer’s block… again. Read More

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Let your heart be light, 

From now on our troubles 

Will be out of sight. 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,

Make the Yule-tide gay, 

From now on our troubles

Will be miles away.

– Judy Garland


So, Sonny got all hopped up on homemade cinnamon ornaments last night and nibbled on a couple of gifts from under his Nana’s Christmas tree. Read More

Don’t Wake Me Up
Posted 8 December 2012 / By MC / Archives/ Vacays-n-Getaways

So much life in the city, you won’t believe

Been awake for some days now, no time to sleep

If your heart is a pillow, this love’s the bed

Tell me what is the music, inside my head

– Chris Brown


You know when you take a vacation, and then need to take another just to recover? I think that’s kinda what happened here. The week of Thanksgiving was such a blur, I hardly feel like I had seven hours off, much less seven days.

I complain, but honestly, that is how I like it. I love staying busy. I love making house visits, having dinner dates, getting mani’s and pedi’s, and doing drinks with the girls. I love when everyone comes into town. I like knowing I am not wasting a single minute away from work. Read More

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