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Guess Who’s Back
Posted 25 March 2013 / By MC / Archives/ Miss Clariss Musings

Guess who’s back, back again

Shady’s back, tell a friend

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,

Guess who’s back. Guess who’s back?

Now this looks like a job for me

So everybody just follow me

Cuz we need a little controversy

Cuz it feels so empty without me…

– Eminem


Well, hello there! And just how the hell are ya?!

That is fabulous! Say, have you lost weight, because you really are lookin’ awfully trim today. New haircut? Shoes? No? Well, you sure are lookin’ mighty fine!

Who? Me? Oh, yes, I’m doing great! However, we can get into all of that later. We have more important things to discuss. We have business to tend to. No, no, no, of course I wasn’t kissing ass… you really do look skinny. Read More

Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day

Ya learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

If you hunger for what you see you’ll take it eventually 

You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me

– Guns N’ Roses


A couple of weeks ago, as I was getting into my car to meet Mr. Big at the gym, I looked across the yard to find Angus (our Great Pyrenees) sitting pretty alongside of a couple of horses on the property behind ours. Sonny and Sammie (our black Lab) were barking like crazy. Ugh. I grabbed my cell phone and walked down to the backyard. Read More

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