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Only Wanna Be With You

You and me

We come from different worlds

You like to laugh at me

When I look at other girls

Sometimes you’re crazy

And you wonder why

I’m such a baby

Cause the Dolphins make me cry

Well there’s nothing I can do

I only wanna be with you

You can call me your fool

Only wanna be with you

– Hootie and the Blowfish


Mr. Big turned 30 last Wednesday.

That morning, when he got in the car to go to work, you would have thought I was dropping him off at the county jail. “Happy Birthday!” I shouted out for the third time already. “Yeah. I’m officially old now,” was his reply. After a beat, I looked over and said, “Gah, you’re thirty. Can you believe it? Like when people ask, ‘So, how old are you?’ you have to say, ‘I’m thirty.’ Man! So weird!”

That’s me, always looking for the silver lining. Read More

It Wasn’t Me
Posted 4 June 2014 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Shenanigans

I’ve been listening to your reason

It makes no sense at all

– Shaggy


Had to go to court today. Read More

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