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Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Posted 26 March 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers

Some dreams stay with you forever,

Drag you around but bring you back to where you were.

Some dreams keep on gettin’ better,

Gotta keep believin’ if you wanna know for sure.

– Eli Young Band


I am stronger now. Read More

Love Don’t Cost A Thing

All that matters is

That you treat me right

Give me all the things I need

That money cant buy yea

– Jennifer Lopez


So, I’ve had a lot going on these past few weeks.

Like, so much so, I think my little houndy is starting to fake illnesses again… Read More

FTF – Wild Hearts
Posted 7 March 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Favorite Things Friday (FTF)/ Featured

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

– Barbra Streisand


Since yesterday’s heavy post hit the web, I have received dozens of thoughtful text messages, emails, Facebook messages, and sweet comments. As I mentioned in one comment, I struggled for a long time with yesterday’s entry. I was very unsure whether or not I wanted to blog at all about what I had been going through for the past few weeks. But then, I quickly realized I had to. Read More

Let Him Fly
Posted 5 March 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers

And there ain’t no talkin’ to this man

He’s been tryin’ to tell me so

It took a while to understand

The beauty of just letting go

‘Cause it would take an acrobat

An’ I already tried all that

An’ I’m gonna let him fly

– Dixie Chicks


I read an article once that explained why our fingers and toes prune in water. It said they shrivel up to improve our grip. Sort of like tire tread on wet roads, I guess. Just another one of the body’s fancy built-in defense mechanisms… Read More

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