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How Bizarre
Posted 8 January 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

Ooh baby

(Ooh baby)

It’s making me crazy

(It’s making me crazy)

Every time I look around

(Look around)

Every time I look around

(Every time I look around)

Every time I look around, it’s in my face

It’s in my face



In the past 10 days, I have: caught a debilitating cold (… or maybe it’s the flu. [… or the bubonic plague.]), burned my hand making a frozen pizza, had a run-in with a loofah, an allergic reaction to a new face wash, and came really close to electrocution by Christmas lights. That’s death five ways in just ten days, people. What the fuck is going on here? Could my #27Club prophecy be coming true? Read More

Shake Me Down
Posted 1 January 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ MC Moves West/ Miss Clariss Musings

In my past, bittersweet,

There’s no love between the sheets,

Taste the blood, broken dreams,

Lonely times indeed,

With eyes cast down,

Fixed upon the ground,

Eyes cast down

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

Turn back now its time for me to let go,

Way down had to find a place to lay low,

Lampshade turned around into a light post

– Cage The Elephant


It is not uncommon for me to be nostalgic on the eve of a new year. Typically, I spend my December 31 mourning the loss of another 12 months. I go over each month and every memory from the past 365 days. And I bid my year a proper goodbye… Read More

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