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Posted 26 July 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

She’s open waiting for more

And I know he’s only looking to score

And it is way too unhealthy often they’ve typically

Been starved for attention before

– Blink 182


Tay mentioned something in the BFF group text about our 10-year reunion, “Would y’all do the reunion? I’m only going if y’all go but I’m okay not going at all.” Read More

Makin’ Plans
Posted 14 July 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ MC Moves West

If I ever left this town

I’d never settle down

I’d just be wanderin’ around

If I ever left this town

– Miranda Lambert

5589d16db49c4b9557caf1b8_california va mortgage (1)

When I moved out here – to California – I didn’t really have any expectations. Read More

Dangerous Woman
Posted 7 July 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

Don’t need permission

Made my decision to test my limits

‘Cause it’s my business, God as my witness

Start what I finished

Don’t need no hold up

Taking control of this kind of moment

I’m locked and loaded

Completely focused, my mind is open

– Ariana Grande


Getting up before a certain time in the morning makes me physically ill, or even worse… weepy. Read More

Posted 22 June 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

Sun lights up the daytime, moon lights up the night

I light up when you call my name, and you know I’m gonna treat you right

You give me fever – when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight

Fever – in the the morning, fever all through the night.

– Elvis Presley feat. Michael Bublé


Dear Soulmate, Read More

Come Sail Away
Posted 16 June 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Domestic Diva/ Featured

A gathering of angels appeared above my head

They sang to me this song of hope and this is what they said

They said, “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me lads

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me baby

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me

– Styx


My 28-year-old self, yeah, she’s a liar.

She lies a lot. Read More

Girl Crush
Posted 7 June 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

I got a girl crush, hate to admit it but

I got a heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down

I got it real bad, want everything she has

That smile and the midnight laugh she’s givin’ you now

I wanna taste her lips, yeah, ‘cause they taste like you

I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume

I want her long blonde hair, I want her magic touch

Yeah, ‘cause maybe then you’d want me just as much

I got a girl crush, I got a girl crush

– Little Big Town


I was supposed to be in Barcelona on Friday. Read More

Needed Me
Posted 2 June 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

But baby, don’t get it twisted

You was just another nigga on the hit list

Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch

Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage

Fuck your white horse and a carriage

Bet you never could imagine

Never told you could have it

You needed me

Oooh, you needed me

Feel a little more, and give a little less

Know you hate to confess

But baby who, you needed me

– Rihanna

sunset-over-clouds-1600x1200 (1)

I’ve read some of those really nice letters other bloggers have written and posted on the internet. A lot of them are sort of a “New User’s Guide” to loving my old lover. They are often times friendly and overly pleasant. As I read through most of these posts, I get the feeling the writer is penning a note to a fellow book club, or Sunday school, or yoga class member. The words are sweet, kind, and thoughtful.

I have a feeling this letter will not read exactly like the ones mentioned above.

You will probably not find it friendly, or pleasant, or sweet, or kind.

However, I have thought long and hard about this message. I hope you do too. Read More

Truffle Butter
Posted 25 May 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

I ain’t gotta compete with a single soul

I’m good with the ball, point game, finger roll

Ask me how to do it, I don’t tell a single soul

Pretty women, wassup? Is ya here right now?

You a stand-up or is you in your chair, right now?

Uhh, do ya hear me?

I can’t let a wack nigga get near me

I might kiss the baddest bitch, if you dare me

I ain’t never need a man to take care of me

Yo, I’m in that big boy bitches can’t rent this

I floss everyday, but I ain’t a dentist

Your whole style and approach I invented

And I ain’t takin’ that back, cause I meant it

– Nicki Minaj feat. Drake and Lil Wayne


I was asked to participate in an interview for our internal website. The “Employee Spotlight” section of our Homepage is a place where one employee can go to read four or five fun facts about another employee. The interviews are conducted by a peer, the questions are random, and the answers are candid. Read More

One Of Us
Posted 20 May 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings

If God had a name, what would it be?

And would you call it to His face?

If you were faced with Him in all His glory

What would you ask if you had just one question?

– Joan Osborne



I am commonsensical. I am spiritual but not religious. I am Independent? Maybe? Okay, so I am probably more of a Democrat than my family would like to admit, but I am conservative too. I am Republican-ish. I believe in guns, and private healthcare, and ‘Merica. Fuck yeah! I love everyone. Or maybe I hate them all? I say asshole shit about this race, and that group, and those individuals. I discriminate against all the people – even toward my own race, class, sex, etc. Read More

Sex And Candy
Posted 5 May 2016 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Who’s that loungin’ in my chair

– Marcy Playground


[Queue the strobe lights, fake fog, and bubble machine. Hey DJ! Hit me with all those inappropriate 90s jams. Dancers – GO! Jazz hands, people! Get those fingers up, assholes. Dad, you too. I want to see you reach for the fucking stars! Goddamit. Somebody hand me my mic!] Read More

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