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What A Girl Wants

What a girl wants

What a girl needs

Whatever makes me happy

Sets you free

And I’m thanking you

For knowing exactly

What a girl wants

What a girl needs

– Christina Aguilera


Earlier this week, as I was leaving work, a guy I’d never seen around the office held the door open for me. As I walked through the open door, he smiled and asked, “How was your day?” “It could’ve been better,” I replied with a small smile, “How was yours?” “The same. Much better now though.” He insinuated that, because we were leaving work, our days had no where left to go but up. Read More

Love Is War
Posted 26 February 2014 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Love - Yuck./ The Pretty Girl Mafia/ Vacays-n-Getaways

Young lovers in a picture frame

Ever notice how there ain’t no rain

Nobody hangs hard times on the wall

You won’t see it in an 8 by 10

But there’s a storm every now and then

A slamming door down the hall

Sometimes love is a white flag

Sometimes love is standing tall

Sometimes love is a feather

Sometimes a cannon ball

But it’s worth fighting for (it’s worth fighting for)

Baby, sometimes love is war

– American Young


Typically, Mr. Big and I spend the weekend in Charlotte for Valentine’s Day. We usually get all dolled up and go to dinner at Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. Sometimes we’ll go shopping and other times we won’t. Mostly, we just get away. But this year, Big had something better in mind – for himself.

A drag car show. Read More


Lord, I wonder if I’ll ever change my ways

– Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow


When we all get together… that is when it happens.

“Ohhhh, well looky there all of us are here. You know, all corralled together in the very same spot. Everyone just sitting here with one another, breaking bread, having a drink, shooting the shit, and whatnot. Huh, fancy that! Well, since I do have each of you trapped in a booth, in the middle of a restaurant, and you haven’t even gotten your salads yet… say, let’s plan our next outing!” Read More

Posted 9 December 2013 / By MC / Archives/ Domestic Diva/ Love - Yuck./ Shenanigans/ Shoe Whoreding

Don’t let the bastards get you down

Turn it around with another round

– Rihanna


Well let me just tell you how my weekend went… Read More

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Go rest high on that mountain

Son your work on earth is done

Go to Heaven a shoutin’

Love for the Father and the Son

– Vince Gill


The week of Thanksgiving was a rough one for those of us here in Miss Clarissland.

Bubba had to put our sweet black Lab, Sammie, down on Monday. Mr. Big’s 90-year-old grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving. And my celebrity man crush, Paul Walker, lost his life in a terrible car accident on Saturday. I guess what they say is true – everything comes in threes. Read More

We R Who We R
Posted 25 November 2013 / By MC / Archives/ Love - Yuck./ Miss Clariss Musings

Hot and dangerous

If you’re one of us, then roll with us

‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love

And we’ve got our hot-pants on and up

And yes of course we does, we running this town just like a club

And no, you don’t wanna mess with us

Got Jesus on my necklace

– Ke$ha


Mr. Big said something to me just last week that was very profound (which is very rare). And for the past 24-hours his words have rang through my ears: “Where do you come up with this shit?”

Humm. Where do I come up with said shit? Read More

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Like a river flows surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand, take my whole life too

For I can’t help falling in love with you

– Elvis Presley


Things are a changin’ around here, Ballas, and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no leaves.

In the last four-ish months, three of Mr. Big’s best friends have gotten engaged, one of his best friends announced he was going to be a Dad, and Wes (Blog Creator Extraordinaire) and Sarah brought Baby A into the world. What the what? All in four months time? I’m not going to lie, there for a couple of weeks, I had to go on Prilosec to calm my shit down. Read More

How’s It Going To Be

I wonder 

Is there anything I’m going to miss 

I wonder How it’s going to be 

When you don’t know me 

How’s it going to be 

When you’re sure I’m not there

– Third Eye Blind


Two nights ago, I was laying my head down on my pillow when all of the sudden… I nearly died. Read More

Stand By Me

When the night has come

And the land is dark

And the moon is the only light we’ll see

No I won’t be afraid

Oh, I won’t be afraid

Just as long as you stand, stand by me

– Ben E. King


Last Friday, after work, I drove down to Nana’s house in Charleston for the weekend.

I have made that trip hundreds of times. I know the roads backwards and forwards. I am familiar with each of the 252 miles of countryside that stand between our homes. I have spent weekend, and week, and summer, and Easter, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas after Christmas on those roads. I have counted down the slender green signs until exit 199 a million times. I am more comfortable with those interstates and South Carolina roads than I am my own county’s. Read More

I’m Yours
Posted 18 June 2013 / By MC / Archives/ Love - Yuck.

Well, open up your mind and see like me,

Open up your plans and damn you’re free.

Look into your heart and you’ll find that the sky is yours.

So please don’t, please don’t, please don’t…

There’s no need to complicate.

‘Cause our time is short.

This oh, this oh, this is our fate.

I’m yours.

– Jason Mraz


I started seeing Mr. Big when I was just a kid.

I was seventeen. He was twenty-one. I was still in high school. He was sleeping through class in his truck out in the community college parking lot. I was all high heels and cute dresses. He was a farm boy with an infatuation with goats.

That was eight years ago. Read More

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