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Return To Innocence

Love – Devotion

Feeling – Emotion

Love – Devotion

Feeling – Emotion

– Enigma


It’s happened.

It has finally happened. Read More

Posted 6 July 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ MC Moves West/ Tear Jerkers

She said I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough

I’m a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in

And I don’t know if I’ve ever been really loved

By a hand that’s touched me, well I feel like something’s

Gonna give

And I’m a little bit angry

– Matchbox 20


Sometimes, late at night, when I can’t sleep and I’m looking to torture myself… I go through my old posts. Read More

Make Me Proud
Posted 17 June 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers/ The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

I know things get hard

But girl you got it, girl you got it there you go

Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go

– Drake feat. Nicki Minaj


Last week, I watched my baby sister graduate from high school. The experience was surreal. For nine years I had anticipated this day, but in my mind, I saw it going differently. Those were my own delusions though – my own missed opportunities, and mistakes. This day was about Mace. Her accomplishments and her future. And as I sat there, sweating my balls off and swatting bugs out of my face, I couldn’t help but think… Read More

Little Wonders

Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder

Don’t you know the hardest part is over?

Let it in, let your clarity define you

In the end we will only just remember how it feels

– Rob Thomas


It’s full-on Wedding season here in Miss Clarissland… and I’m your resident Maid of Honor.

Or not.

Yeah. I’m not super honorable.

I mainly just get wasted and hang out with the groomsmen. Whatevs. Homegirl’s gotta get a date. Know what I’m sayin’? Read More

Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Posted 26 March 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers

Some dreams stay with you forever,

Drag you around but bring you back to where you were.

Some dreams keep on gettin’ better,

Gotta keep believin’ if you wanna know for sure.

– Eli Young Band


I am stronger now. Read More

Let Him Fly
Posted 5 March 2015 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers

And there ain’t no talkin’ to this man

He’s been tryin’ to tell me so

It took a while to understand

The beauty of just letting go

‘Cause it would take an acrobat

An’ I already tried all that

An’ I’m gonna let him fly

– Dixie Chicks


I read an article once that explained why our fingers and toes prune in water. It said they shrivel up to improve our grip. Sort of like tire tread on wet roads, I guess. Just another one of the body’s fancy built-in defense mechanisms… Read More

I’ll Fly Away
Posted 7 August 2014 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Tear Jerkers/ The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Some glad morning when this life is over

I’ll fly away

To a home on God’s celestial shore

I’ll fly away

– Johnny Cash


We’ve been meaning to throw my Pop in the river for the last 16-ish years… Read More

I’m Coming Home
Posted 12 February 2014 / By MC / Archives/ Featured/ Miss Clariss Musings/ Tear Jerkers

I’m coming home

I’m coming home

Tell the World I’m coming home

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday

I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes

I’m coming home, I’m coming home

Tell the World I’m coming…home

– J. Cole


A couple of weeks ago I found out the most awful news.

A girl I grew up with – someone I sat beside in middle school – had went through the most heartbreaking and traumatic experience any person on this earth could ever withstand.

She lost her child. Read More

Go Rest High On That Mountain

Go rest high on that mountain

Son your work on earth is done

Go to Heaven a shoutin’

Love for the Father and the Son

– Vince Gill


The week of Thanksgiving was a rough one for those of us here in Miss Clarissland.

Bubba had to put our sweet black Lab, Sammie, down on Monday. Mr. Big’s 90-year-old grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving. And my celebrity man crush, Paul Walker, lost his life in a terrible car accident on Saturday. I guess what they say is true – everything comes in threes. Read More

Heads Carolina, Tails California
Posted 30 October 2013 / By MC / Archives/ Tear Jerkers/ The Pretty Girl Mafia

Heads, Carolina

Tails, California.

Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer.

Up in the mountains, down by the ocean.

Where? It don’t matter, as long as we’re goin’

Somewhere together. I’ve got a quarter.

Heads, Carolina

Tails, California.

– Jo Dee Messina


Kristen called me the other night and updated me on her Navy Man boyfriend’s order status.

San Diego it is!

Woo! Zoo! Read More

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